tsu protect

Electronic Security Solutions and Applications

TSU Protect specialize in security solutions for private individuals as well as corporations in various industries. Our TSU Protect Mobile Safety and Security App was originally developed to provide support to our TSU Protection Services and AM Security Services operators and management in the field but soon the benefits for our corporate and private clients became obvious. The TSU Protect App is now rolled in South Africa, Namibia and Nigeria and will soon be available in several other African countries as well. Our secure and intelligent Smart Gate Control system making use of 2D scanning technology replace the old paper access control registers completely and add additional layers of security including the scanning barcodes and seals and taking images. Using the latest IoT technology, our tracking solutions can be used alone or in conjunction with other tracking applications.

“Your security is our priority.”

Our Main Products and Services include

TSU Protect Mobile Security App:

The App turns any smartphone into a panic button linked to a 24/7 monitoring centre and supported by a network of armed security responders. With its Tracking, Meeting, Man-Down, Geofence, Journey and Report functions the TSU Protect App can be used as a complete personnel and personal security management tool.

2D Smart Gate Control Solution:

 Accurate and fast recoding of access and egress transactions, advanced automation technology and security features, customisation of input and output data, POPI and GDPR compliant and Cloud based storage and data protection, proactive alert criminal elements including stolen vehicles, false number plates, forged drivers licences and expired or forged vehicle licence disks 

IoT tracking Solutions:

Stand-alone TSU Bug and TSU Tracker with internal power source, battery life from 2 to 10 years, client login to monitoring dashboards, custom settings for report frequencies, geofence breaches etc.


  • VIP Guarding
  • TSU Protect Mobile Safety & Security App
  • Specialised Training Solutions
  • Consulting / Risk Management
  • Tactical Support Teams
  • Riot / Crowd Control Management
  • Technical Security Solutions
  • Armed Escorts
  • Executive Support
  • Executive Protection
  • A-Grade Armed Guards
  • Polygraph and Investigations