Gone are the days where normal security guards, one armed re-action officer per vehicle that is not trained in armed reaction, respond to an emergency. AM Security in affiliation with TSU Protection Services has many years of experience in security co-ordination with tactical support teams throughout South Africa.

“Our capabilities include contingency planning, intelligence gathering and medical assistance.”

Agents professionally trained

“We employ highly trained specialists and will provide the “on the ground” manpower to protect your assets and people.”

The tactical support unit members for AM Security are carefully recruited, selected and trained in a variety of safety and security techniques, including counter surveillance, and are in constant contact with our 24-hour communication centre for security alerts and deployment of additional support.


  • VIP Guarding
  • TSU Protect Mobile Safety & Security App
  • Specialised Training Solutions
  • Consulting / Risk Management
  • Tactical Support Teams
  • Riot / Crowd Control Management
  • Technical Security Solutions
  • Armed Escorts
  • Executive Support
  • Executive Protection
  • A-Grade Armed Guards
  • Polygraph and Investigations